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How to train a golden retriever to pick things up?-QQPETS

How to train a golden retriever to pick things up?-QQPETS

Training a golden retriever to pick things up should be persevering. You can train her 2-3 times each day. Each training time maintains at about 15 minutes. In training, you should praise your dogs when the dog does the right thing to get good results.

  1. Prepare a toy, let the dog sit directly opposite, use the toy to attract the dog’s attention.
  2. Place the toy on the lip of the dog while the dog is watching the toy. Say “bite” or “take it.”
  3. As soon as the dog catches the toy, you should play tug-of-war with your dog and encourage your dog with touch.
  4. Pat the dog on the corner of the mouth and give the dog a food reward as soon as it is released.
  5. Throwing out the toy, command “go”, when the dog ran to the toy immediately command it “take”.
  6. After the dog bit the toy, he clapped his hand and motioned for the dog to come back.
  7. When the dog picks up the toy, you should put your hand under the dog’s mouth and says “spit it out”, and the dog immediately rewards you by spitting the toy.

OK, that’s all for this passage. I hope that the passage can help your golden retriever pick things up quickly. You can have a good relationship with your dog.pick things up

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