What to do if the dog resists wearing a leash?


What to do if the dog shows resistance when wearing a leash? 

How to tell the reason why a dog refuses to wear a leash?

As a master, we must be patient with dogs. 

Let's take a look at how to make a dog obediently wear a leash. 

 The dog resists and does not walk after wearing a leash may be because the dog does not like the leash to be wrapped around the neck. It may also be because the dog refused to go out. 

As owners, we should first distinguish clearly why the dog is unwilling to wear a leash. Most dogs will resist when they wear leashes and collars for the first time. We should be patient with the dog because dogs are free and lively by nature and don’t like constraints. 

Reasons why dogs resist with leashes

1. Don't like the leash and collar around the neck. 

It is possible that an undersized collar is used which makes the dog's neck uncomfortable. The correct collar size should be that after the dog wears the collar, we can still reach two fingers. 

2.Don't want to go out

 Most dogs like to go out and explore, but sometimes the dog may not want to go out. When the dog is unwilling to go out, it will show its willingness by refusing to wear a leash. 

3.Tired of playing and don't want to move.

Usually after playing outdoors for a while, when the dog is tired, he will be reluctant to walk around, thus refusing the command to tow the leash.

4.There is danger ahead, the dog is scared.

It usually happens outdoors. When the dog feels that there is danger ahead, it will refuse the order to tow the rope. 

5.Prompt the owner that there is danger or special circumstances ahead. 

It may also be to remind the owner that there is a danger or special situation ahead, be careful. Dogs' hearing and smell are far superior to humans. 

The solution to the dog wearing a leash to resist

1. It is necessary for the dog to adapt to the dog leash, be familiar with the dog leash, and the willingness to resist will be reduced. 

2. You can use snacks or toys to lure the dog and divert the dog’s attention.

3. If the dog is afraid of special circumstances, it is recommended to pick up the dog to avoid frightening the dog. 

4. If the dog resists, the owner can squat down and stroke the dog’s head and back to gradually relieve the dog's anxiety.

Ways to avoid dogs wearing leashes to resist

1. When the dog is wearing a leash for the first time, the owner can reward him with snacks or toys to let the dog know that it is correct. 

2. The dog may resist the dog leash because the pre-training was not done well when it came into contact with the dog leash. You can train the dog to wear a leash in detail as soon as possible, and you will avoid resistance in the later stage.

3. If the dog is unhappy or does not want to move, the owner is advised not to force the dog to wear a leash. Forcing will cause the dog to be more disgusted with everything, and then it will be more resistant to bring a leash. 

If the dog is wearing a leash for the first time, it will be more nervous. It needs to adapt and explain gently to the dog so that the dog can learn to accept and adapt. Being over-anxious can easily cause the dog to repel the leash. 

Leashing is training, the earlier you train, the sooner the dog can adapt. 

At the same time, the choice of dog leash and collar is also very important. If a dog wears a dog leash at the beginning, we can choose some basic style collars and dog leashes. Here I recommend this gradient color dog collar set from QQPETS. 

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