How to solve these 5 things that scare dogs? I've summed it all up for you


As human beings, our beloved dogs are prone to all kinds of fears. Some of them are born, while others have experienced terrible things. Let's take a look at the behavior and how to deal with it.Take better care of your dog.

1. Why are you leaving me? Separation anxiety in dogs

When you bring your dog home for the first time, you may spend your attention, feelings and most of your time with the dog to accompany them. But over time, because of work or travel, the dog had to be separated from the dog, and the dog developed separation anxiety. Dogs suffering from this anxiety may destroy property, bark excessively, and even bite their own tails. 


Disrupt the related actions before departure: For example, picking up your keys and bag, and then not going out, but just walking indoors, will reduce the dog's connection to the key bag and bag equal to going out, thereby reducing the anxiety when leaving.

Exercise your dog before leaving. Whether it is walking the dog or picking up things, it will consume the dog's energy and make it less energetic.

Create a safe and independent space for the dog, so that it can rest in its own small world at ordinary times, without having to stick with you all day.

Provide toys for the dog when you are away. Allow dogs to find fun on their own.

2. Dogs are afraid of riding in a car

Dogs who are afraid of cars may react greatly to the fear of being trapped, or they may feel uncomfortable once the wheels start to turn. Thus the dog may get motion sickness.


If a car is a terrible place, just getting close to it will cause anxiety. Then, before starting the engine, help the dog to form a positive reaction to the car. Walk to the front of the car, let the dog walk around the car, and give the dog a lot of delicious food.

Before you go anywhere, use this method to slowly bring the dog into the car. If the dog's motion sickness is severe and often causes vomiting, limit eating before driving. You can also consider giving your dog motion sickness medicine before traveling.

Use a car seat belt dog leash, comfortable blanket and soothing music to help your dog reduce stress.

3.Dogs are anxious due to noise and thunder

Another common culprit of dog fear is noise anxiety, which may be caused by thunderstorms or vacuum cleaners.


Don't overcompensate, don't pretend that nothing happened, but focus on doing fun things when the dog is not anxious. The other is to do desensitization training. During the storm, supplemented by "thunder", let the dog not be afraid, give the dog some rewards, and try to let the dog associate the noise with the positive experience.

4. Dogs are afraid of strange dogs and people

The fear of a dog also comes from the unknown, whether it is the fear of strangers or the fear of other dogs. In both cases, socialization is the key, and training requires patience and time.


The dog leash will help in this process. Whether you are going for a walk or at home, the leash can give the dog a certain sense of security. 

Don't force interaction with humans. If the dog feels comfortable at a distance and uncomfortable at a distance, don't force them to come close.

For other dogs, when another dog passes by, reward snacks as a reward for calm behavior. For some dogs, especially those with bad memory, the reaction will be greater, so more active training skills and detailed solutions are needed. It is recommended to seek advice from a dog trainer.

5. Dogs are afraid of their owners

If you hit the dog often, the dog might be afraid of you. Trust needs to be re-established, and this process requires patience.


Stop hitting the dog. Try to calmly communicate with the dog and don’t let them think they will be hit by you.

Try to make fewer sudden movements. Be relaxed. Slow movements, gentle gestures, and rewards for the dog are all helpful.

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