Some interesting trivia about dogs


 Although we have lived with dogs for a long time, we may not be able to fully understand what is happening with dogs. Today I will share some trivia about dogs. At the same time, I can know more interesting things about dogs to increase the understanding between you and your dog.

 Although we have lived with dogs for a long time, we may not be able to fully understand what is happening with dogs. Today I will share some trivia about dogs. 

1.Each dog's nose print is unique, just like a human fingerprint. If the dog's noseprint can be identified in the future, the chance of the dog getting lost can be greatly reduced.

2.Dogs lifting their legs and peeing have a dominant meaning. Many people think that dogs raise their legs to excrete for convenience and cleanliness. In fact, raising a leg when the dog pee actually means dominance. 

3.Dogs have a poor ability to recognize static objects, but under dynamic conditions, their reaction speed is four times that of humans. This is why the dog can accurately catch the ball thrown by the owner.

4.Dogs don't like being hugged, especially those with outdoor life experience. Because in the canine world, putting limbs on other animals means dominating. But in front of the owner, they are willing to accept your control. 

5.Dogs have limited knowledge of colors and can only see some simple colors, such as black, white, gray, blue, yellow, etc. So in the world of dogs, it is difficult to distinguish things by color. 

6.In addition to a dog's wet nose as a sign to identify whether they are healthy, it can also absorb odorous micro-droplets to help dogs detect odors.

7.Dogs have autonomous consciousness. Sometimes when playing outside, the dog doesn't obey you. It is very likely that he thinks your suggestion is too bad and deliberately doesn't obey. If they think your order is wrong, they will be rejected. 

8.Humans and dogs are the only animals that know that they can find clues in each other's eyes. And dogs only do this to humans, isn't it a bit magical?

9.Dogs can throw away 70% of the water from their body hair in 4 seconds. Dog tornado is coming. 

10.Dogs are one of the few creatures that "neoteny". They can retain the characteristics of their infancy until adulthood and even old age. 

11.Dogs can really understand your grief, and this ability to the owner will be strengthened 5 times. MRI shows that when dogs respond to human crying, the parts of their brains that are activated are the same as their counterparts crying. 

12.Dogs will be happy because they are good-looking, and they will be lost because they are not good-looking. So you can choose some good-looking dog bandanas or small accessories for your dog.

13.A well-trained border animal husband can memorize the names of hundreds of toys and find out one by one according to human requirements. The IQ is really high. But the owner usually wants him to execute instructions, I am afraid that there is no snack (such as chicken jerky) that really can't make it.

14.Akita dogs are better at destroying furniture than huskies. Japan’s housing insurance includes pet damage. But if you have an Akita dog at home, the insurance company will not accept it. Although the Akita looks cute, it is more proficient than the Husky when it comes to destroying the house. 

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