What's the problem with walking the dog at night? If you want to walk the dog at night, you should do these things.


Most dog owners devote themselves to work most of the day. So what should we pay attention to? In order to avoid some unnecessary troubles. 

Let's talk about what should we do if we want to walk the dog at night. 


 Because of work, most dog owners devote themselves to work most of the day. Only after finishing a day's work, the owners have a little free time to spend time with their dogs. However, after dark, it will bring more troubles and greater challenges to the dog owner. Because walking the dog at night is really not a simple thing. In order to ensure the safety of the owner and the dogs, today we will talk about what kind of preparations. as owners, what should we do if we want to walk the dog at night. 

What are the premise that we need to do?

Leash the dog

This is necessary no matter when you take your dog out for a walk. But at night, this guarantee of safety becomes more important. Dogs' eyesight is much better than humans’ eyesight. When walking the dog at night, dogs are often run away because of prey that humans can't see. In order to prevent the dog from disappearing in an instant, it is best to put a leash on the dog. 

Shorten the leash

At night, human vision is greatly suppressed. If we are dragging a long leash in a dark scene, it is easy to trip other people or twine an obstacle on the side of the road. In either case, there are unnecessary troubles. Shortening the length of the rope can completely avoid these problems. 

Don't wear dark clothes

Of course, there is no way to change the color of a dog, however, humans can change their clothes. In a dark environment, if you wear dark clothes, you will hide in the night. It is difficult for people or vehicles passing by to find you. To be safe, dress brightly.

Walk in a lighted place

If you always have lights on your walking route, Your dog walk will be very easy. Of course, the most important purpose of this reminder is to ensure the safe of the dog owner and the dog. Don't expect the dogs to protect you well. After all, most of the dogs raised in the city are small and medium-sized dogs, which may not be able to beat an adult man. For safety reasons, please choose your dog walking route carefully.

What are the recommended items when walking the dog at night?

Reflective stuff

Not only the reflective clothes on the owner, but also reflective harness or collars on the dog’s body. Especially for dark color dogs, such items are very important. Their dark hair is to better blend into the night. And we need to do is to make them up again become conspicuous. 


We can think about it and let the dog leash be a light source. Not only can it help the owner illuminate the road, but it can also remind the dog which way to go.

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