Ten interesting tips about dogs


Dogs are man's best friends. Many people already have a dog of their own. There is a lot of interesting knowledge about dogs.Let me share ten interesting tips about dogs. Take you in-depth understanding of these cute little elves.


Ten interesting tips about dogs
  1. 1.Dogs have sensory organs similar to human fingerprints. It’s the lines on the dog's wet nose. They can also play a role in recognition.

white dog walk in the snow

2. Do you like petting your dog? This is a good healthy habit. Because it is said that petting a dog can lower blood pressure. So petting your dog more can not only increase feelings, but also promote physical health.

feed dog

3. Dogs can learn up to 250 words and gestures through training, count to 5 and also perform simple mathematical calculations. Generally speaking, the IQ of an adult dog is equivalent to that of a human 2 years old child.

happy smile dog

4. Do not let the dog pee at home, because the dog’s urine is corrosive. It is said that the street lampposts in Croatia were corroded by dog urine.

5. Dogs can see much more at night than humans.

dog and human at night

6. The dog breed with the highest feeding rate in the world is the Labrador, because it is recognized as the best dog breed

7. The dog with the most "talking" is the Beagle, and those who can raise a Beagle are all good-tempered

8. When the dog was born, he didn’t have hearing and vision, and he didn’t have teeth.

9. The longest-lived dog in the world lived 348 months, equivalent to 203 years of human life.

dog leash on dog

10. When pooping, dogs like to pull along the north-south magnetic lines of the earth. As for why? We also don't know. The results of scientific research.

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