Tips for training your puppy


 Do you think it’s annoying that the dog doesn’t obey your orders every time you go out?Let me give you 5 tips to train your dog to obey you. Some tips for how to train your puppy more effective. Take care of your pets and yourself.

Tips for training your puppy

Tips for training your puppy

Do you think it’s annoying that the dog doesn't obey your orders every time you go out?

Let me give you 5 tips to train your dog to obey you. 

Prerequisites for training dog:

  1.Dog obedience training is not a single training, you need to highlight people's commands when training the dog's behavior and habits. If you can make the dog obedient every time you order, the dog's obedience will not be bad.
  2.Don't expect food to induce obedience in dogs, any behavior induced by food is an illusion. Once there is no food inducement, the dog will return to the original disobedient state. The key is to obey you.
dog leash on dog

Tips for training dogs:

  1.Use collars and leashes

  At the beginning of training the dog, you can put the collar and leash around the dog’s neck, which will help control and regulate the dog's every move. The second is to hide food and toys in your own bags. 

  After finding the training venue, you can walk around the venues with your dog to familiarize him/her with the venue. This can make him/her more focused on training.

2.Rewards and punishments must be clear

  The second step is to control the dog to your left leg for basic training. When you give your order to the dog, such as "sit down", the dog quickly completes the action. You have to reward him with prepared dog treats or balls in time. You can also perform encouraging behaviors such as stroking or slapping the shoulders, and then let the dog out and let it play for a while.

3.Guide the dog to complete the action

  When you give instructions, such as "stop". The dog didn't execute your order, you need to hold the leash to prevent him from walking. Let the dog know that he will be punished if he doesn't do it. 

  But when it executes as soon as it hears it, it can be rewarded appropriately, or it can perform free activities to let it understand the benefits of doing so.

4.Appropriate training times

  Don't train the dog for a long time each time, otherwise it will only wear down the dog’s patience. You can train for 10-15 minutes each time, and then let it play for a while. The training venues is unrestricted. You can train the dog at home and outdoors. Let the dog learn various behavior disciplines in life, so as not to arouse the dog's disgust. 

5.Train according to the type of dog

  The training status of different dogs will be different. Quiet dogs need the owner to drive the atmosphere and make the dog excited for training. The active type is also the easiest type to train, and can be trained anytime, anywhere. Excited dogs are energetic, they are greatly influenced by the outside world, and their attention seldom concentrates on the owner, so don't let the dogs sneak around you and run around. You have to control it anytime, anywhere. 

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