How to choose the right toys and supplies for your dog


Here are some considerations when choosing toys and supplies for your pet dog.  Choosing the right supplies and toys can effectively prevent pets from accidents. QQPETS, take care of your pets. Welcome to communicate with us.

How to choose the right toys and supplies for your dog

How to choose the right toys and supplies for your dog

The choice of materials

  Toys are made of different materials and have different durability. So, before you buy toys and supplies for your pet, You need to know your pet's biting habits to choose suitable durable toys and supplies for him/her.

  1. Polyethylene pet toys is as soft as latex toys and they are made into various colors. Some even make a squeaking noise, which makes the toy more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for dogs that do not have aggressive biting habits.


  2. Rubber and nylon pet toys are more durable so they are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. This kind of toy often has a hole in it, which is more interesting when the dog is playing and biting.


  3. Rope toys are generally made of nylon or cotton materials, so they are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. Especially useful for those dogs who like drag games, and this texture also contributes to the health of the dog's teeth.



Type of dog

Some toys may be suitable for puppies. But when the puppy grows up, it may appear smaller. Small toys such as small rubber balls may be swallowed by the grown-up dog or get stuck in the throat.Therefore, toy fragments and torn toys should be discarded. Medium and large dogs like huskies and golden retrievers should pay more attention to this. 

Even if the pet accidentally swallows a small toy, don’t panic and send it to the veterinary hospital immediately. When encountering a pet's sudden situation, the most important thing is  keep calm and ask for help from a professional person.


Dog collar and leash

  Cats and dogs have a long history of living in the wild, they have wandering nature. For their safety, the owner had better put on a collar and leash for them. In pet stores, you can find collars and leashes made of metal, nylon, and polyester. The metal is strong and durable and has the lowest price but metal will make your pet feel uncomfortable. We recommend choosing nylon and polyester dog collars and leashes. Fair price, lightweight and comfortable.At the same time we need to choose the right pet supplies manufacturer. In order to avoid accidents by buying inferior collars and leashes.

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