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Dog has a bad smell, what's the situation? 5 small ways to solve it perfectly

Keeping a pet dog at home, keeping a lot of vitality and joy. They often run around and often make you laugh. In short, having a pet dog will bring great changes to the family. But keeping a pet dog can also bring unnecessary troubles to the home, such as cleaning problems, such as heavy odors. 


Sometimes the owner will find that the dog still has a peculiar smell after bathing and drying, so the owner must pay attention to find the source and cause of the peculiar smell. 

So just after showering the dog, the dog will still have a peculiar smell, what are the reasons? 

Causes of peculiar smell in dogs

1. The paw

All the dog's movements are inseparable from its paws, so the dog's paws are easily stained with various bacteria and fungi. And if the dog’s paws are not properly cleaned, these bacteria and fungi will accumulate, and the dog will emit a bad smell. It is also possible that when the dog was playing outside, the paw was injured and left a wound, but the shovel officer did not notice it. After a long time, the paw will fester, and then it will emit a foul smell. 

2. Bad breath

Bad breath is also common in dogs. The cause of bad breath in dogs may be dental calculus, swelling, and inflammation of the teeth, or disorder of the intestinal flora that produces malodorous gas into the mouth. It may be caused by the fact that the shoveling officer hardly brushes the dog's teeth. 

3. Ear mites

After a dog’s ears have ear mites, the whole body will also emit a foul smell. In daily life, the shoveling officer may not notice the cleaning and care of the dog’s ears, causing the dog to grow ear mites and then become stinky. 

4. Skin diseases

In daily life, the shoveling officer does not observe the dog's health problems or does not groom the dog's hair in time. This causes the dog to suffer from skin diseases, which can also cause the dog's body to stink. 

5. Anal gland inflammation

Shoveling officers need to check the dog's anus to see if there is any inflammation, and inflammation of the anal glands can also cause the body to have a heavy peculiar smell.

How to solve the peculiar smell of dogs

1. If the dog is stinking because of a problem with its paw, the shoveling officer must pay attention to the cleanliness of the dog's paw. Wash your dog’s paws when taking a bath, and then after the bath, be sure to dry the paws or blow them dry with a hairdryer. In addition, the shoveling officer should pay attention to whether the dog’s paw has a wound.

2. When the shoveling officer finds that the dog has bad breath, he should pay attention to the fact that the dog's daily diet needs to be lighter. In addition, the shoveling officer also needs to brush the dog's teeth. 

3. If the dog has ear mites, the shoveling officer needs to clean the ears regularly with a medicine such as ear health until it recovers.

4. After a dog has a skin disease, it will not only have a foul smell, but also plaques, hair loss, and other phenomena, which will seriously affect the dog's appearance and health, so the shoveling officer must first give the dog the skin The disease is well treated.

5. Dogs' ass is the part where they emit a unique smell. If the dog's anal glands become inflamed, it will emit a foul smell. The shit shovel officers must squeeze the dog's anal glands.

Does your dog also have a bad smell? If your dog also has a bad body, you can try the above methods! 

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