5 advantages of Schnauzer


Schnauzer is known as the "little old man" and is now deeply loved by everyone.

So what exactly does Schnauzer itself attract people?

Today I will talk about its advantages.

Overall, Schnauzer is very suitable for office workers and girls to raise.

Advantage 1: IQ is the first among terrier dogs

Schnauzer is a very smart dog breed, and its IQ ranks 12th among all dogs. And it is the first of all terrier dogs. It is so smart that it always performs very well in training. A lot of training, just need to teach a few times, appropriate rewards for snacks chicken jerky, you can quickly learn. Many owners of Schnauzers marvel at how fast Schnauzers learn. 

Advantage 2, independent personality

Schnauzer's personality is relatively independent, not super clingy. This kind of dog is least likely to suffer from separation anxiety. So then, if you belong to office workers during the day and have little time and want to keep the dog, a schnauzer is a good choice. And it is brave and strong and can be used as a guard dog. However, when you come home from getting off work, you still have to accompany the dog more, and bring the relationship between you closer! 

Advantage 3, no hair loss, light body odor

Schnauzer basically doesn't shed any hair, as long as the pet owner combs the hair regularly every day. And combing hair is good for its health, promotes blood circulation, and makes hair grow better. In addition to less hair loss, the Schnauzer and Teddy have very little body odor. As long as you take a regular bath, you can hardly smell the smell, only the fragrance of the shower gel! 

Advantage4, able to look after the house

Don't look at Schnauzer's small size and stature. But in fact, it is a very brave and alert dog, very suitable for nursing homes. In the face of thieves and bad guys, you will never be afraid, and before they have a chance to enter your home, it has already barked to remind its owner. 

Advantage 5, can make cute shapes

Schnauzer is a dog that needs to be groomed regularly. In this way, although it costs a certain amount of grooming costs, it can do a lot of cute looks. I feel much better when I look at it, and I can't help but love it. 

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