Six little knowledge about keeping a dog


Dogs are our loyal companions to mankind, and many people will keep a dog at home.

There are some little things you might not know about dogs.

Both owners who are already raising dogs and those who want to raise dogs can come and take a look.

1. The dog will come menstruation

Dogs also have menstruation, and their first menstruation is about seven or eight months old. After that, it was once every six months. The owners must remember that the dog's body will be slightly weaker in those few days, so you must take care of it. 

2. Dogs should not eat too much meat

Dogs and humans are the same, both are carnivores. Many owners may think that the dog eats more meat, which is good for his body, so he will desperately eat meat for his dog. In fact, this is all wrong. Eating too much meat for a dog will not only make it fat and bad breath but also may cause the dog to suffer from inflammation of the pancreas. 

3. Licking your lips is not necessarily playing with you.

Many owners will think that a dog licking your lips means playing. In fact, this is not the case. Dogs licking your lips may also be begging for food. Many pet owners have misunderstood. So remember next time, the dog licking your lips is likely to be hungry. 

4. Dogs shit everywhere is not revenge

Many owners think that the dog shit in the house is revenge for the owner. In fact, for all animals, excretion is just a normal phenomenon, not for revenge. It is the dog who wants to make the room more of his own smell through excretion. When the dog is shit everywhere, the owner must not lose his temper. You can teach the dog to urinate and defecate at a certain point from the time the dog is about three months old. 

5. Walking ahead is not necessary to protect the owner. 

When going for a walk, many dogs will like to walk in front of their owner, and the owner will think that the dog is to protect him. In fact, this is not the case, the dog wants to choose the walking route by himself. At the same time, when the dog is young, he must carry out the corresponding dog leash training to train the dog to adapt to the leash. At the same time, there are accompanying training and anti-rush training. When encountering a dog with strong self-awareness and prone to sudden sprints, it is recommended to use a bungee dog leash.

6. Bad habits are not necessarily inherited from parents.

The bad habits of dogs are not entirely due to their parents, many of them are caused by acquired education. If you just spoil your dog without training, a dog with a docile personality will become very mischievous. Slowly, it will be difficult to get rid of the dog’s bad habits. If the owner’s education method is wrong, it will also make the dog’s bad habits worse! 

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