What should I do if the dog has motion sickness?


I believe that some pet owners who raise dogs have encountered motion sickness when they took their dogs into their cars. 

So what should the owner of dog motion sickness do?

Here are some ways to prevent dog motion sickness.

Why is the dog motion sickness? 

In fact, some timid dogs, it is more prone to motion sickness. 

Dog motion sickness is usually caused by the vibration of the car, so motion sickness will occur. 

There are mild and severe cases of motion sickness in dogs, so the owner must observe carefully.


The performance of dog motion sickness: 

Mild motion sickness: 

1. The dog keeps moving as soon as he gets in the car, is very anxious, and keeps barking. 

2. After getting in the car, the dog is very quiet, motionless in the seat, and depressed. 

3. The dog keeps breathing, drooling and lacks energy. 

Severe motion sickness:

1. Dogs with severe motion sickness will be particularly nervous as soon as they get in the car, and then they will vomit. 

2. In addition to vomiting, the dog will also exhibit shortness of breath and slow down, similar to symptoms of hypoglycemia. 

How to prevent motion sickness in dogs:

Method 1: Drug prevention 

To prevent motion sickness in dogs, the owner can give the dog some motion sickness prevention drugs (antihistamines or anticholinergic drugs) when preparing to go out. It is best to take them half an hour in advance. 

Method 2: Keep ventilated 

When the dog is in the car, the owner should not close the car windows and leave some ventilated gaps appropriately, so that the dog will not be so prone to motion sickness, and closed windows can easily cause the dog to motion sickness. 

Method 3: Interact with the dog

The owner can bring the dog’s toy, play with the dog while in the car, distract the dog, or put a blindfold on the dog, which is also effective in preventing motion sickness. 

Method 4: Get used to taking the car

To prevent motion sickness, the owner must let the dog get used to the car, try to play with the dog in the car every day, and stay with the dog in the car for a while without starting the car. It is recommended that each time be about 5-10 minutes. Let the dog get used to the car slowly. If your dog doesn't like it, you can induce it with dog snack chicken jerky, so it will be willing. 

Precautions for medication:

Also, pay attention to the dosage when using motion sickness drugs for dogs, especially histamine drugs, do not double use them. If the dog has no effect after taking the motion sickness medicine, the owner should not give it to the dog. To give the dog medicine, wait 4~6 hours so that you can give the dog medicine again! 

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