What to do if there is too much saliva in the golden retriever?


It is normal for a dog to drool, but too much drool makes it very distressing. 

So what should we do about the golden retriever who has too much saliva? 

Hurry up and take a look at the tips recommended by dog friends below.

 1. Wear a dog bandana

This requires the owner to bring a dog bandana to the golden retriever. Wearing a dog bandana to the golden retriever can not only absorb the saliva of the golden retriever but also make the golden retriever more handsome and beautiful! 

2. When the temperature is high, reduce exercise and drink more water

We know that dogs do not have sweat glands and can only use their tongues to dissipate heat. If the weather is too hot and the dog exercises too much, it will cause the dog's drool to increase suddenly. In view of the increase in saliva after exercise, the owner can appropriately reduce exercise and replenish water the golden retriever in time. Pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise in hot weather. 

3. Shaving the hair around the mouth

If the golden retriever has always been drooling a lot, and it is easy to drool when encountering excitement, food temptation, etc. It is recommended that all dog owners shave the hair around the golden retriever's face and mouth, so as not to make the surrounding wet and slimy, which will affect the appearance. 

4. Go to a veterinarian

If the golden retriever does not have excessive saliva at the beginning but suddenly becomes more drooling, then the owner may want to check whether the golden retriever's mouth is injured or something is stuck or has rabies. Dog owners are advised to seek medical treatment as soon as possible in the face of abnormal saliva increase in the golden retriever. Once my puppy kept drooling for no reason, and after careful inspection, it was discovered that the bones of the food pierced the tongue. 

5. How to avoid the golden retriever drooling too much?

Pay attention to your diet

Do not eat spicy food with sharp bones in your diet, which can easily cause the golden retriever's saliva secretion to increase, or the throat may become stuck and cause non-stop drooling.

Moderate exercise

The golden retriever will dissipate heat through the tongue when it performs a lot of exercises, which will lead to increased saliva. Therefore, we should avoid a lot of exercise in daily life, and take the golden retriever for walks and outdoor activities. 

Cooldown and add moisture

If the weather is too hot, the golden retriever will drool. This is how we can reduce the outdoor travel of the golden retriever. Take it to an indoor air-conditioned place. Then give it more water to prevent the golden hair from drooling too much. 

See a doctor promptly

Eating in the golden retriever's mouth will pierce the tongue, mouth ulcers, periodontal inflammation, etc., which can also cause the golden retriever to drool wildly. In addition to being accompanied by neuroticism, restlessness, barking, and biting things, it can also make the dog drool frantically. If the golden retriever is drooling because of the above symptoms, seek medical treatment in time.

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