Correct use of retractable dog leash


The retractable dog leash is a very good product. It can increase the range of motion and exercise capacity of the dog than the standard traction rope. In the case of the owner's own walking mileage unchanged, the dog's activity mileage may increase by 2 to 3 times. But the better the product, the more you must learn to use it correctly. Improper use puts dogs, people and other animals in a dangerous environment. 

Ways to use the retractable dog leash

1. Before using the retractable dog leash, you'd better be able to train your pets. These trainings include: 

Sudden sprint control: 

There will be no violent behavior, and the dog can clearly and clearly move around the owner before the owner gives the relevant order. If your dog is a sighthound or sporty dog and has a strong desire to chase, then this training is essential. 

Let the dog desensitize the rope box of the retractable traction rope: 

This training is mainly to prevent you from accidentally dropping the rope box of the retractable traction rope on the ground. The dog will not be frightened by the sudden sound, let alone because the rope box has been behind you. If the dog does not do this training well, when it finds that this inexplicable thing will follow it wherever it runs, the dog will instinctively run faster, which is very dangerous. 

2. Pay attention to environmental control and don't stop paying attention to the dog just because it can move freely.

When environmental control is in place and there are no potential threats around, the retractable dog leash is a very good tool. If you are in a park, in the wild, or in some areas with few pedestrians, you can let the dog freely enjoy the freedom of advance and retreat brought by the retractable dog leash. When you walk your dog, whether you are using a retractable dog leash or a standard 6-foot leash, your attention must be on the dog, just like taking a child who has just learned to walk out. You must always pay attention to the possibility that the dog may eat the garbage picked up on the ground, and pay attention to whether there are children, bicycles, running people, roller skating people and other animals in the surrounding environment. 

3. Do not allow children to use a retractable dog leash to walk the dog, especially if the dog has not been trained in impulse control. The child's strength is not enough, which will bring danger to the two lives at both ends of the retractable dog leash. 

4. The retractable dog leash is best used in conjunction with the chest strap, and cannot be used with the P-shaped chain or any collar that will control the force on the dog's head and neck. Otherwise, when running at full speed, these dogs may be suddenly stopped because the rope ends and cause neck, head, and sports joint injuries. In the process of use, learn to recall the dog before it drags the rope to the end, and give it a reward once it comes back Slowly train the habit of not running to the end of the rope at full speed. 

5. Some places are definitely not suitable for using retractable dog leashes, including city streets, parking lots, veterinary hospitals, dog gatherings or large-scale parades. When two or more dogs using a retractable leash meet, do not let them play, even if they are very familiar or friendly with each other.

6. When walking your dog, if you find someone or a dog is very interested in your dog and want to come over to say hello, then turn on the switch first and keep it about 6 feet in length. This is the best distance that the owner can control the dog to prevent the dog from repelling contact with strange animals and can control its movements in time. 

7. When using a retractable dog leash, always place your hands on the plastic handle at the end of the rope box. Do not touch the rope directly with your hands, or control the length by pulling the rope with your hands. If the dog runs quickly at this time, the rope sliding across the skin at high speed will bring you a very painful experience.

8. On some watery occasions, such as when taking a dog to swim, the rope pulled out of the rope box may get wet with water. At this time, you should press the fixed buckle, and do not retract the wet rope before it is dry, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the rope. 

For any product, some people like it and some people don't like it, and the same is true for retractable dog leashes. If you want to walk your dog correctly, you should understand this tool carefully.

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