Benefits and details of dog eating egg yolk


Egg yolk can help dogs increase the hair gloss, and the nutrients in the egg yolk are also very beneficial to dogs

But how to feed the egg yolk is appropriate, and what should be paid attention to

Let me tell you

Dogs can eat egg yolk, but they must pay attention to scientific feeding.

What are the benefits of eating egg yolk for dogs?

The egg yolk contains a lot of vitamins, trace elements, and lecithin, which can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the dog's body in a scientific and balanced manner but also promote hair growth and beautify the hair. Therefore, it is very nutritious to give a dog egg yolk. The intestines and stomachs of dogs are sensitive and fragile, and protein dogs are not easy to digest. After eating, it is not only difficult to absorb nutrients, but also easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and other phenomena. 

It’s better to eat the yolk raw or cooked

It is recommended to feed the dog boiled egg yolk. Raw eggs contain a lot of bacteria and microorganisms. Heating can kill many harmful bacteria and microorganisms to prevent vomiting, diarrhea, or other physical discomforts. 

How do dogs eat egg yolk?

  1. 1. Pay attention to feeding at the beginning

  2. Different dogs have different physiques and their ability to adapt to food is also different. In the beginning, you can try to give a little less egg yolk while observing the dog’s body reaction. If you are sure that your body is okay, you can slowly increase the amount of egg yolk fed in the future. 

  3. 2. Feed in moderation

  4. Egg yolk is a very nutritious food, but it is not easy to digest for dogs. Usually, you can give it to the dog appropriately according to the dog’s condition, but not in large quantities, it will increase the dog’s gastrointestinal burden and cause constipation. It is recommended that puppies feed 1/4 to 1/2 each time, adult dogs 1/2 to 1 each time, and no more than 2 a week. 

  5. 3. Cannot feed whole egg yolk

  6. The egg yolk itself is relatively dry, and the dog does not chew too much when eating, it is easy to choke and is difficult to digest. So don’t feed the egg yolk in whole pieces. The boiled egg yolk is mashed and mixed in dog food, or mixed with steamed carrots. It is a very nutritious combination. 

  1. Matters needing attention

  2. 1. Do not add any seasoning to the egg yolk.

  3. 2. Because the egg yolk is relatively dry, water should be supplied in time.

  4. 3. Dogs with constipation should not feed egg yolks.

  5. Can dogs eat protein?

  6. It's best not to give protein to dogs! The protein contains a kind of avidin, this substance can destroy the vitamin H in the dog's body, and will have a certain impact on the dog's health.

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