Introduction to thermal transfer technology


Thermal transfer technology is a fine process for printing patterns.

The printed patterns are rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, small in color difference, and good in reproducibility.

Suitable for mass production. 

Thermal transfer is an emerging printing process. The process printing method is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts halftone printing (resolution up to 300dpi), and the pattern is printed on the surface of the film in advance. The printed patterns are rich in layers, bright in color, ever-changing, small in color difference, and good in reproducibility. It can achieve the effect required by the designer and is suitable for mass production.

The transfer process transfers the exquisite pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product through a heat transfer machine (heat and pressure). The process technology content is relatively high. After molding, the ink layer and the surface of the product melt into one, which is vivid and beautiful, which greatly improves the grade of the product.


Thermal transfer is a new method of printing patterns on goods of various materials and is particularly suitable for producing a small number of personalized and customized goods, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. 

The principle is to print the digital pattern on a special transfer paper with a special transfer ink through a printer, and then use a special transfer machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the product at high temperature and high pressure to complete the product printing. 

Thermal transfer technology can also use a variety of different transfer materials to achieve different printing effects. 

Sublimation thermal transfer

Sublimation transfer is a new generation of technology, using special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. 

The pattern printed on the product will not produce glue. 

If it is transferred to the clothes, the ink is directly sublimated into the clothes fiber, the durability is the same as that of cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, which is more suitable for colorful patterns. 

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