Benefits and importance of dog leash


Owners who raise dogs in a scientific way know that a dog leash is a must-have for outings and walking the dog. 

Wearing a leash can not only keep your dog safe and comfortable but also bring many benefits to the host. 

Here we will take a closer look at these benefits, and hope that everyone can wear a leash for the dog to avoid tragedy.

Benefits of dog leash 1: prevent the dog from losing!

Losing a dog is a nightmare for all owners. Many people who lost their dogs cried out loud, complaining about the abhorrence of dog stealers. But when I look back and think about it, the owner’s failure to attach a leash to the dog is also an important factor in the tragedy. Throughout the many dog tragedies that have occurred in the past few years, most of them are caused by the lack of a leash. So we must realize the importance of dog leash. Because some dogs are naughty and playful, it’s not easy to listen to the owner’s commands outside. 

Benefits of dog leash 2: prevent dogs from car accidents

Many owners must have learned a lot. There are many accidents where dogs are hit, crushed, or even killed by cars. Many car owners must also have shadows. Dogs are inherently small, especially small dogs are more flexible. In the process of driving, they are often in the blind spot of the viewing angle, and some are suddenly running out, and there is no time to react. Here to remind all friends who raise dogs, especially the owners of small dogs, they need to wear a leash. The dog has a traffic accident, which is sorrowful and sad for the owner and the car owner.

Benefits of dog leash 3: prevent dogs from eating poisonous or rotten food by mistake!

The nature of dogs is that they like to smell everywhere. When walking the dog without paying attention, the dog will eat something inexplicable. Not to mention hygiene, some things are fatal in themselves. For example rat poison, rotten food, etc., so everyone must control their dogs. 

Benefits of dog leash 4: prevent dogs from being injured in fights

On the street, dogs occasionally quarrel with each other. This is the nature of animals. Many owners do not lead the rope, and encounters with strange dogs result in tragedy. Regardless of the treatment of the dog's injury, other dogs or cats may not be vaccinated, and it will be even more troublesome if they contract an infectious disease. 

Benefits of dog leash 5: prevent the dog from biting or frightening others

Please pay attention to this point. Keeping a dog requires not only science but also civilization. Your own dog does not necessarily bite, but it may bark. What to do if you frighten neighbors, old people, and children. In the case of hurting people, losing money is a trivial matter, and it will seriously worsen the external surrounding environment of our dog owners. 

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