Four important things to pay attention to when taking a dog out in summer


In the midsummer season, if the owner wants to take the dog out, he must pay attention to some things so that the dog will not be harmed unintentionally. 

Here I will tell you what to pay attention to when a dog goes out in the summer.

In the hot summer, not only people will feel hot, but the dogs will also be too hot, especially in the hot weather when the temperature soars above 30°. If you don't take sun protection measures when you take your dog out, the big dog will definitely get sunburn or heatstroke. 

Note 1: When you are out, try to avoid direct sunlight.

If you are only going for a walk, choose a time period when the sun is low or there is no direct sunlight. For example, early morning and evening.

Note 2, don't shave the dog's hair completely

Due to the heat in summer, many owners choose to shave their dogs, and they feel that they may feel cooler after their hair is shaved. But it’s not actually like this. And shaved off the dog’s hair will cause their skin to be directly exposed to the sun, which can easily be sunburned. It may also cause some skin diseases. Therefore, it is not recommended to shave the dog's hair completely in summer. 

Note 3, it is important to replenish water

The water in the dog's body will evaporate very fast in summer. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to add sufficient water to them to avoid dehydration. Especially in the home breeding method, parents of short-nosed dogs like Pug should pay more attention to this kind of dog, which is more heat-labile than other dogs. Therefore, when the owner takes the dog out, it is best to prepare a pet water bottle to facilitate timely replenishment of the dog. 

All in all, the weather in summer is very hot, take your dog out for a walk or play, you must pay attention to sun protection work, do not let the dog sunburn from heatstroke. 

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