To choose a pet dog, first understand the classification of the dog, which is a kind of responsibility for yourself and your pet.


Nowadays, some people keep dogs purely to look at their appearance. If people think they are cute, they may be brought home on a whim. After I went back, I found that the dog’s personality and life characteristics were completely different. Therefore, be prepared before raising a dog. If you don't have a favorite breed, you can first understand the relevant breed before deciding which one to raise. 

The British Kennel Association is the earliest kennel association in the world. We divide the types of dogs into seven categories according to their standards. 

1. Toy dog

Mentioned toy dogs should be familiar to many people, such as Teddy, Pomeranian, Pug, Maltese, Yorkshire, Chihuahua, etc. These dogs are common in daily life. Its size is small and it can adapt to urban life, especially Teddy has been awarded the title of "urban darling". Toy dogs are mostly lively and cute, have less demand for exercise, are clingy, and need the company of their owner very much. 

2. Retriever

Retrievers are actually a type of hunting dog, but their job is more special. They are hunting tools to help hunters find their prey. Their greatest advantage is that they can find their prey without omission. Commonly used Retrievers are Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel. Looking for a dog has a relatively large exercise demand, and the owners need to meet its needs every day, and they are more willing to play in the open space outdoors. 

3. Hound 

Hounds are a good helper for hunters in hunting. They are different from hunting dogs in that they will take the initiative to catch prey instead of waiting for the owner to catch the prey back. Hunting dogs have strong perception. They can use sight, smell and hearing to accurately determine the position of their prey and guide their owners.

4. Herding dogs

They are mainly housekeeper dogs, such as cattle dogs, shepherd dogs, etc. Common dog breeds include border shepherd, German shepherd, shepherd dog, and cattle dog. The dog is very smart and energetic. Its favorite game is to run back and forth, such as frisbee. If its energy is not consumed, it may be demolished. 


The terrier is a small hunting dog used to hunt small animals such as hares and otters. They are naturally combative, quick-acting, and good at action, so it may be more difficult to cooperate with others. If you keep such dogs, you should train them harder. Terriers are mainly distributed in Bull Terrier, West Mountain Terrier, Bellingdon Terrier and Schnauzer. 

6. Work dog

Refers to dogs that serve humans, but because many dogs can serve humans, later in order to distinguish, dogs that require more manual labor and are too large are specifically called working dogs. A dog that does not meet the standard can become a working dog. If it is not well-educated and trained, even the warm male golden retriever is a brutal dog. 

7. Omnipotent dog

All more than 6 kinds of dogs are called "universal dogs", and different dog groups divide different dogs into different categories. The above classification method is based on the gene of the dog to classify, just to allow people to have an accurate distinction, to understand the nature of the dog. Of course, if trained properly, every dog will become a well-behaved puppy, constantly running in with the owner in the process of living. 

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