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Pet knowledge: How to tell whether a dog is full or not?

Pet knowledge: How to tell whether a dog is full or not?

Do you know some pet knowledge? Some owners have no experience when they start to have a dog. Every time they feed a dog, they don’t know if it is full or not. When the dog eats less, the owner will worry that it is not enough. When the dog eats more, the owner is still worried about affecting the dog’s health.

How much should a dog eat? To be exact, there is no uniform standard. Therefore, it is necessary to determine through the careful observation of the owner. So how should we judge whether the dog is full or not in life? Some pet knowledge for you.

1. Touch method

After the dog has finished eating, we can touch the abdomen with our hands. You only need to touch gently, not a kneading of gravity. When you touch, if you find that the dog’s stomach and the front ribs are balanced and slightly elliptical, this means that the dog’s diet is enough. If you find that the dog’s stomach is swollen after eating, it means that the food is too much. On the contrary, if the dog’s stomach is flat after eating, we can add some food to the dog. Because the dog is not full.

2. Observe the dog’s stool

You can also observe the dog’s stool to determine whether the dog’s diet is reasonable. To put it simply, the dog’s excrement should be moderately soft and hard. And it is not sticky when cleaning. If the excrement is found to be too hard and granular, it means that the diet is less. If the excretion is sparse, it means that the dog’s diet is more. As the owner, we can adjust the dog’s diet according to this standard.

3. Observation

It can also be seen from the performance of the dog after eating the food that the dog is full. When a dog is full, it usually performs satisfactorily. But as long as they are not full, they will turn around the owner and keep asking the owner for food. In addition, sometimes the dog will hide the food, which means that there are too many foods for it.

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