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Xuquan, founder of qqpets interviewed by Influential People-qqpets

Xuquan, founder of qqpets interviewed by  Influential People

Congratulations! Xuquan, the founder of Guangzhou Qianqian Pet Products Company gave an interview to CCTV Influential People. It’s a great opportunity to display the developments of the qqpets company. The program is going to play in July.

Qianqan pet products company founder Xuquan

Xuquan, the founder of qqpets gave an interview to CCTV Influential People program

Influential People Program is specialized in recording the people making the great influence in China. It devotes to display brand stories and develop the spirit of China. According to the speech and share of various successful business men, Influential People program devotes to stimulate the younger to create their cause and live a positive life. It’s a cultural brand program which is famous in China and received super appreciation from Yuan Longping, Liu Xiaoqing, and other public figures.

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