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Would you want to get a dog as your Christmas gift?-QQPETS

Would you want to get a dog as your Christmas gift?-QQPETS

The Christmas is coming. But there’s something sad happened. In the last two week, the RSPCA has rescued 120 abandoned pets. The RSPCA is Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who focus on helping pets. 129602animals were rescued and collected in 2016 by RSPCA.

It’s reported that about 25000 pets were abandoned during the Christmas in 2016 in the UK. What about this year? Maybe more pets will be troubled that.

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So many reasons that owners abandon their pets. For example, someone thinks their pet is too old that they want to get a new one. Many people want to get a dog as their Christmas gift, but they abandon it when the festival ended. Though some pets are rescued by the animals shelter, most of them live on the street.

Jack Frost was dumped in an alleyway and suffering from demodectic mange and trembling. He was just 12 weeks old. But kindness saved Jack. He was rescued by the RSPCA. Can you believe the two photos is the same dog? Jack Frost is a lucky dog.


But there are so many dogs and cats die on the street every year in winter. If you are keeping or going to keep a pet, please be responsible for its life. It will take your long time to take care of it, you need to keep your mind and patience.

I always remember a pet owner said: you love it, and it will love you too.

Adoption instead of buying. If you want to get a dog as your Christmas gift, you can go to the animals shelter apply for one. No buying, no selling, no harming.

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