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Five reasons why cats like to sleep with you – QQPETS

Five reasons why cats like to sleep with you – QQPETS

Cats make up a significant proportion of the pets people choose to keep. When I think of the soft body of the cat and the strange character, as well as the innocent little eyes, it makes people love and affection. Therefore, some new words have become popular on the Internet, such as sucking cats and licking cats, and even once there is a cat to measure a person’s happiness.

Here are five reasons why cats like to sleep with you. So that the shoveling shit can better get along with the cats.

1. Warm.

Cats are heat-loving animals. Although they are wearing natural fluffy coats, you will notice that they are always looking for the warmest place to hide in the house. Since human body temperature is always a constant 367 degrees, cat certainly likes to stay with shoveling shit.



2. Comfortable.

Although cats are playful and sometimes are active, they also have a lazy side. Since they produce growth hormone only when they fall asleep. So cat usually sleeps about 15 hours a day. And they will lie in very unusual places, but the soft bed is the most comfortable. Therefore, they like to sleep with you.


3. Security.

Although cats are not afraid of fear, they are relaxed when they fall asleep. However, they also have a fragile side. They need to be vigilant at all times. If the relationship between the shovel shift and the cat is very good, the cat will use you as a strong backing to gain security.


4. Love you.

Although the cats look very proud and indifferent, they are also domestic pets. You are good to it, of course, it knows. Cats also need human companionship, and they will miss you when you are not at home. When your cat sleeps with you, it is a sign of love you.

5. Territorial awareness.

In fact, the reason why cats sometimes sleep in your bed. Because they simply don’t think it’s your bed, they think it is their own bed. When you sleep with your cat, it will think that you are sleeping in its bed. See here, I don’t know if you feel upset?


Anyway, the cat is the intelligent animal. If you treat it well, it will accompany you faithfully like a dog. Also, it is said that cat only recognizes one owner in their lifetime. I don’t know if the shoveling officers will be happier see this?


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