Five principles of walking the dog correctly-QQPETS


Here are five principles of dog walking to share with all dog owners. 

Five principles of walking the dog correctly-QQPETS

Five principles of walking the dog correctly-QQPETS

1.Walking the dog every day

It is important that walking the dog should be carried out every day. How long is it best to walk every day? It depends on what kinds of dog you have. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for a small dog to walk for about 20 minutes a day. A medium-sized dog only needs about 30 to 40 minutes a day. If you have a dog more than 30-40 kg, you need walk around for about an hour every day. Although it is said that walking out every day is good for both the dog and its owner. However, everything still needs a degree, the so-called “too much of a good thing”.

2.Walking the dog to find the right place

In fact, dogs also need to relax. They also want to have a relaxing space. When weather is good, they also want to hang out in the public space. Clearly, this demand is not excessive. We need to find a certain place to walk our dog. In these areas, dog owners and dog walkers do nothing to affect others. Besides, don’t leave the dog fecal everywhere. To be convenient to others is also to be convenient to oneself.Love your dog.

3. Put a mask on the dog when you take it out

According to the investigation, the incidence of rabies has become the highest number of infectious diseases in China for five consecutive months last year. China has become a country with a high incidence of rabies. Nowadays, there are more and more dog owners in cities. Besides, non-standard dog-keeping behaviors also causes a series of social problems. In order to avoid infection, it is best way for your dog that wear a mask to a crowded place.

4.Some dogs can’t walk

(1) Puppy born not more than three months

(2) A female dog in estrus or pregnant dog

(3) The new dog

5.Change the situation of being “walked” by a dog

To change the situation, try to snap the chain quickly while he’s not paying attention. With a few surprise attacks, the dog will understand that you are the leader. In addition, changing routes is also a good way. When the dog runs along a daily routine,you can  try to change it. For example, by going forward and coming back. This will make the dog understand that they need pay attention to the intention of master.

When dog walking, please use a leash and bring something to pick up after your dogs, for example: plastic bags, and newspaper. Guangzhou QQPET Pet Product Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of dog leashes. Welcome to contact us!

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