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Start your own dog collars leashes harness business-qqpets dog products factory

Start your own dog collars leashes harness business-qqpets dog products factory

Why choose dog collars leashes harness business?

According to the report of American Pet Products Association, American people spend more than 62.75 billion dollars on pet products in 2016. Actually, American families cost over 500 dollars on dog products every year. In Britain, the cost of pets supplies reaches 10.64 billion pounds every year.

In addition to pet food and pet care, the third big cost is pet products. Which includes pet beds, pet collars, pet leashes, toys, clothes and other accessories. Vetere, the CEO of American Pet Products Association says that the trend of pet humanization promotes the growth of the pet market. The millennial generation is going to become a new generation of pet owners who will promote the development of the market further.

dog collars leashes harness

The number of pets and pet owners both increases quickly

All in all, pet market is a developing, popular and huge market nowadays. Guangzhou Qianqian Pet Products Ltd. is specialized in product dog collars leashes harness with high quality and low price. There are over 60 machines in our factory and different departments working for dog collars leashes harness.

How to start your own dog products business?

Want to start your own dog collars leashes harness business? Want to be an agency of dog training equipment? Here you go. OEM service and custom dog collars leashes harness service supply by qqpets dog products factory.
You can design your own logo or name dog collars leashes harness here. Design free. We have professional designers can custom dog collars leashes harness for you as your request.

dog products factory

Lots of pets owners treat their pets as friends and give them the best products and service.

Don’t hesitate. Contact us now to start your own business. In fact, more and more people grow dogs or cats as their family members like Europe and America, Japan. Pets become the best companions of human beings. People take more care of pets and give them the best pet products and service.

According to the report, 60% pet owners are female. They are the main group of growing pets and like buying dog products online. How to attract your consumers?

The quality of dog products is the most important. All dog collars leashes harness are the best quality in qqpets dog products factory. All materials are strict to reach the Europe standard. We devote to produce best dog products for customers. Looking for making cooperation with you. If you do, contact us now.

dog collars leashes harness

People grow dogs to stay and play with them in western countries.

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