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Dog is the best companion-QQPETS advertising video

The dog is best companion-QQPETS advertising video

Do you have a dog? If you do or not, you can get some tips and fun here. Today I’ll share a story with you. The dog is the best companion. It’s about my friend Sam and his dog named Candy.

And we make an advertising video for them for their story. The dog is adopted in a pet center when it was five months old. When the dog came to the QQPETS family, he is shy and timid in the strange environment.

But it likes to play with Sam when they become the friends. Sam often has a walk with it in the morning. And they always go to the park and meet other dog friends there.

It makes me surprise that no matter where Sam is, it can find it out quickly. So when we see Candy, we see Sam. They are the best friends.

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