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A Special Development Activity We Experienced-QQ pets supplies factory

A Special Development Activity We Experienced-QQ pets supplies factory

How about the development activity?

How do you spend your weekend? We have experienced a special weekend in Guangzhou city. Which was taking place by qianqian pets supplies factory. In my opinion, it’s an impressive development activity in my life.

Do you know what we have experienced in this weekend? Follow me if you do want to get the ideas.
Firstly, I’ll show you our first-day schedule. Feel nervous? It’s just the beginning of the activity. Nearly 30 staffs participated in this development activity. We have been divided into three teams for competitions. All of us are excited and want to fight for our team and win the honor. Only when you join us that you can feel how serious we are.

development activity

The first-day schedule of our development activity.

What did we do?

How to get along well with your teammates and communicate with them? What can you do for your team? How to win the match? I felt so fortunate that there is an excellent captain in our team. Here I’ll share with you the most favorites match which is the 60 seconds challenge.

development activity

All of us are listening to the coach seriously before we start the match.

Let me introduce the rules of the match for you all. There are 25 pieces of photos in the ring and every photo represents a number. You must find out all the number of the photos and rank them from one to twenty-five. The coach gives us six times to challenge, but only 60 seconds for every challenge. What’s more, you can’t change the location of the photos and only one person stay in the ring one time. It’s a challenge for all of us. Before you start the game, you must know its rules.

What would you do if you take part in this game? In fact, we discussed with our teammates and assign tasks to everyone. This game needs everyone to contribute their intelligence, creativity, and cooperation. It shows us the power of efficient decision and self-management.

development activity

They are ready to write down their team name and slogan together.

What did we learn?

If you ask me that what have I learned in this activity? That’s too much to share with you. The most important that we improve our friendships with our colleagues and team cooperation ability. For us, it’s a great chance to know ourselves, enrich and mold ourselves at the same time. We will do our best to service for our customers in the future and provide more best quality pet products for you, I believe we can do it.

development activity of pets supplies factory

Everyone is excited when they get the victory themselves.

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