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Why my dog bite its dog collar? How can I do to stop it?-qqpets

Why my dog bite its dog collar? How can I do to stop it?-qqpets

The reason your dog bite dog collar

Do your dogs bite its dog collar? Some of my friends complain that their dogs like to bite dog collar. If there are some methods to stop them biting dog collars? Of course. Firstly, you must know why your dog refuses to wear dog collars.

There are several reasons.

  1. The dog collar is too small or too big for your dog. Or your dog does not get used to wearing dog collars.
  2. Dog collar makes it uncomfortable.
  3. The way you put your dogs with dog collars is incorrect.

Have a check and find out the real reason that your dog refuses to put on dog collars. Then you can take measure to solve it. If your dogs bite dog collar for the first reason, you can choose a suitable and comfortable dog collar for your dog and help it get used to putting on dog collars. But it’s not good for dogs to wear dog collars all the time, you know.

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How can you do when your dog refuses to wear a dog collar?

Some dogs don’t want to wear dog collars. They will struggle to get off or bite dog collar. Some dogs stay there when they were put on dog collars&leashes. Here we’ll share you some tips about making your dog get used to wearing a dog collar.

  • Don’t try to put your dog with dog collar when it is fierce.
  • You can communicate with your dog before putting on dog collars.
  • Put on dog collar when it is relaxed and pleasant. Stroke your dog and play with it to disperse his attention.
  • You should put a dog collar on dogs all the time at home or outdoors at the first time.
  • Train it to accept dog collar and award it when it behaves well.


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